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Superkarts! USA Expands S4 Super Master Class to Pro Tour for 2016
Tuesday, 02 February 2016 14:21

Superkarts! USA will expand the growing S4 Pro Stock Moto Super Master program in 2016, adding the sub-category as an official class on the 2016 Pro Tour (Photo: On Track Promotions -

Over the last five years, Superkarts! USA has evolved steadily as the organization continues to spread its wings, expanding to the younger age brackets to bring more racers into the SKUSA program. In 2010, they added a class for 8-12 years olds, which has morphed into the insanely popular TaG Cadet Mini Swift class, and they announced last fall that the category would be split into Micro Swift and Mini Swift in 2016 to give the younger racers in the age group their own class in which to develop. At the other end of the spectrum, SKUSA continues to be the sport’s leader in Master-level racing, and the strength and growing competitiveness in the S4 Pro Stock Moto class has been staggering. The S4 Master Stock Moto class is open to drivers 30-years-of-age and older, which results in a huge gap between the youngest and oldest pilots in the category, as there are incredibly quick drivers in the 40s, 50s and 60s. New drivers hit the 30-years of age mark each year and the level of competition continues to increase with the arrival of new racers. Last year, SKUSA acknowledged this evolution by offering the new S4 Super Master class for 45+ year-old pilots on the ProKart Challenge regional level and the initial support was very positive. For 2016, SKUSA will take this program to the next level, making it an official Pro Tour class by running a sub-category at the SpringNationals and SummerNationals. At the 20th annual SuperNationals in November, S4 Super Master Stock Moto will have their own dedicated race group and full five-driver podium.
Superkarts! USA Honors 2015 Fikse Wheels Pro Tour Champions
Monday, 11 January 2016 16:33

S1 Pro Stock Moto champion Rick Dreezen (Photo:

Last November’s Fikse Wheels Pro Tour SuperNationals not only highlighted the accomplishments of nine deserving winners on SuperSunday, but it also crowned Superkarts! USA’s eight national champions following five races held over three weekend events. SKUSA is proud to acknowledge and honor this year’s Fikse Wheels Pro Tour champions, who will be supported by the organization in their Pro Tour efforts in 2016 as part of the lucrative ‘Circle of Champions.’ These drivers will also be identified by their use of the prestigious yellow-on-black #1 plate. Competitors graduating up SKUSA’s internal ladder system will still have the honor of running the #1, but will use the yellow-on-white design that signals their rise up the ranks.
Superkarts! USA Tech Update: Stock Moto Engine Claim Rule
Monday, 21 December 2015 19:03

With another incredible SuperNationals in our rearview mirror and the excitement of the 2016 season out in front of us, the entire Superkarts! USA staff is now focused on putting the final touches on next year’s program. Series schedules have been set and announced, our new Evinco tire program is underway, and we’re excited with the expansion of our Swift class as well as the final move to an all-X30 engine platform for Junior, Senior and Master. We will continue to focus on providing our racers, our customers, with the best experience possible – one that provides a cost-effective, high-quality racing program.
Superkarts! USA Announces 2016 Racing Schedules and Class Updates
Monday, 07 December 2015 11:04

With the Superkarts! USA competition season now completed after the running of the much-anticipated SuperNationals XIX at the Las Vegas Convention Center in late November, SKUSA’s staff is now totally focused on putting the finishing touches on the upcoming 2016 season. The sport’s leading program is excited to confirm the dates and locations for the 2016 Fikse Wheels Pro Tour, as well as the dates for the various ProKart Challenge series running in California, Texas/Oklahoma and the Pacific Northwest. SKUSA’s overall class structure continues to evolve, as does the entire foundation, coming on the heels of the recently announced introduction of the new Evinco spec tire program.

The 2016 schedule of the Fikse Wheels Pro Tour is a carbon copy of the 2015 program, as SKUSA aims to produce date equity and consistency. The seventh edition of the SpringNationals will take racers back to the Phoenix Kart Racing Association facility as the month turns over from April to May. Announced at the 2015 race, the SummerNationals will also return to the popular New Castle Motorsports Park facility in late July. The 2016 program concludes in Las Vegas once again, as SuperNationals XX returns to the Las Vegas Convention Center for the 20th anniversary of this great event. The following is the official Pro Tour calendar:
Evinco Announced as New Superkarts! USA Spec Tire for 2016
Friday, 06 November 2015 10:58

Superkarts! USA competition will put a new badge on its tire program for 2016 with the introduction of the Evinco

As part of the continuing evolution of the Superkarts! USA platform, series principal Tom Kutscher is pleased to announce that the SKUSA Fikse Wheels Pro Tour and regional ProKart Challenge programs will be running a new spec tire in 2016 and beyond. In working closely with long-time partner, MG Tires, the two companies have reached a mutual agreement, which will see Superkarts! USA launching its own specific tire for competition: Evinco. The tire will continue to be manufactured to SKUSA’s exact specifications by long-time partner, MG Tires. Over the past three years, MG Tires provided SKUSA with their custom-badged MG “SK” White tire for the Stock Moto and TaG categories, and this partnership will continue with the new Evinco line of tires. Evinco will be an exclusive brand and distributed only by Superkarts! USA.

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