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Pit Spots, Tents & Camping – Planning And Reservations For This Year’s Pro Tour SummerNationals at NCMP

Reserving Your Pit Spot

As always, the toughest part for the SKUSA staff in organizing large events each year is pit layout and fitting everyone into the paddock!

This August will be no different, as our 3-day SummerNationals event at New Castle Motorsports Park in Indiana will likely see the largest participation yet for a Pro Tour weekend! ALL RACERS or TEAM OWNERS can do their part now by reserving the space they will need (as well as encouraging all drivers to get pre-registered for the event – before their classes cap out at 44)!

If you know EXACTLY how much space you will need for your pit spot, please fax – or email – a complete drawing to the SKUSA office ASAP. The fax number is 951-491-0809 and email is   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it What to include on your pit request is described below. It’s a good idea to call after you send a fax, to make sure your request was received and is complete. Our phone number is 951-491-0808. Emailed pit requests will be replied to with an email confirmation upon receipt.

The price of all pit spots will be $.30/SF for the first 7 rows, and $.20/SF for the last 2 rows. The paddock area will be rows of pit spots 10’W x 50’D, 10’W x 40’D and 10’W x 20’ D, so your drawing should reflect multiples of these areas. Please also specify your top 3 choices for the pit spots you prefer (i.e., 15-20, 41-45, etc.), based on the pit map posted below.

alt SummerNats Pit Map
Updated 8/8/2017
NOTE: The event/class sponsors will receive priority pit spot placement, so be sure to note on your pit request if you are a sponsor, or send an email to   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  if you’d like information on becoming one.

  • Full layout – with dimensions in feet – of your total pit area. PLEASE BE EXACT, AND DO NOT REQUEST MORE SPACE THAN YOU TRULY NEED. You will NOT be able to add space once you are pitted on the map.
  • Include exactly where tents will go, trailers, E-Z ups, VIP area, etc. NOTE: Toy Haulers/sleeping trailers will be allowed in the pits; however, a $50 camping fee will be charged in addition to the cost of the pit space. All other campers/RV’s will need to be parked in the designated RV area. NO Exceptions! See below for more info about overnight camping.
  • There will NOT be any electrical outlets active in the pits for this event.
  • Be sure to include space for trailer tongue and doors. Fire lanes must be kept clear.
  • Assume that three sides of your pit spot are fixed positions with no access. Show us how you plan on entering and exiting your pit space with your kart(s) – in relation to the pit runners shown on map.
  • Include a team name and a list of the drivers that will be pitting in the spot. NOTE: All drivers MUST be registered for the race before SKUSA will confirm your pit spot.
  • In the event that there are multiple teams/trailers in one pit area, a designated team manager/representative must be named as the person responsible for tent and trailer placement. We will NOT pit teams unless and until ALL trailers are present or a designated team manager IS on site to direct the load in. (This WILL be enforced.)
  • Tell us your planned arrival date, taking into account the other events and practice schedule posted HERE.
  • Include your contact name and best daytime contact info -- phone and email address (mobile number, PLEASE! Not just shop number).
  • Tell us whether or not you’ll be renting a tent, bringing your own, or both (with notes on your drawing). See below for vendor info. Please note: your pit spot must accommodate an extra 5’ feet around your tent for the stakes.
  • Teams that want to be pitted next to or near each other MUST submit their pit requests at the same time – preferably on the same drawing – and with the other team(s) noted. We will do our best to accommodate.
  • NO passenger vehicles will be allowed in the pits, so please do not include them in your pit layout.
We will be in touch within 24-48 hours to confirm that each pit spot reservation submitted has been received. Then we will secure payment with you when we have you placed on the pit map.

Facility Map

First-time attendees will be impressed with this track and its facilities!

alt NCMP Facilities Map


The EXCLUSIVE rental tent vendor for this event will again be Greenfield Tent Rental. Call Alan at 317-910-0351 to get tent options, pricing and to make arrangements. Their estimated tent price is approx. $.60/SF for tent canopies, and approx. $1/LF for walls. An add’l fee for set-up may be required by the tent company, so talk directly to them about your tent needs. NOTE: You will want to confirm your pit size and location with the SKUSA office prior to finalizing your tent rental, although it’s a good idea to check tent availability, space requirements and pricing right away in order to submit the most accurate pit layout. THEY ARE ALSO THE EXCLUSIVE VENDOR FOR RENTAL ITEMS LIKE TABLES, CHAIRS, AND FLOORING FOR YOUR PIT SPOT. Please contact them immediately with any needs for these items.

Rental Equipment

Sunbelt Rentals, Inc. will be the EXCLUSIVE equipment rental vendor for this event. If you need heating/cooling equipment, generators, etc., please contact Jerry Hale ASAP at 317-646-7471 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Then please let us know on your PIT SPOT request if you are renting equipment from Sunbelt, so that our Ops Dept. can give the proper support.

On-Site Camping/RV Parking Available at NCMP

Overnight camping in RV’s and motorhomes will again be allowed at this event in the 2 RV rows as labeled on the pit map -- for a nominal fee of $125/spot (20’ x 50’ each). Sleeping in Toy Haulers and/or Trailers will be allowed in the pit rows for this event at a price of $50 per trailer (in addition to the pit spot price), so please add this note to your pit request.

As stated above, there will NOT be any electrical hookups available at this event, and a faxed or emailed note is required to submit your RV spot reservation, just like the pit spot directions above. You will receive confirmation upon receipt of your camping spot request, and then we will contact you to secure payment via phone when we have your spot located on the map.

Food Concessions & Catering

There will be a food concession stand on site serving breakfast and lunch all 3 days of this event (Fri thru Sun), The Racers Grill located inside the New Castle Motorsports Park pro shop provides some of the best food served at any racing facility. For teams who wish to have meals catered in their tent, the New Castle team can provide anything from hot dogs and chips to prime rib. Call Donna at 317-462-3413 for advanced orders.

Strict Fire Codes

SKUSA has strict rules regarding fire extinguishers and fuel for this event. See SKUSA Rulebook section regarding fire extinguishers, and note that NO fuel is allowed to be brought into this event (except by SKUSA, and no more than 5 gallons of generator fuel per trailer). All fuel will need to be pre-ordered or pre-purchased from SKUSA by Saturday, August 5th to guarantee sufficient supplies on site. All trailers will be inspected prior to pit placement to assure compliance.


Pit move-in will be handled per the schedule posted HERE and must be completed by the end of the day Thursday, 8/10, as official practice starts Friday morning 8/11 at approx. 8:30am. Some teams may arrange to park early, if in town for testing or racing the weekend prior. Please add a note to your pit request with your arrival date. Move out will begin Sunday night 8/13, after the final podium presentation (approx. 6pm). All trailers will need to be out of the pits by end of day Monday, 8/14. Tent install will begin prior to the first team with a rental arriving on site. Tent tear-down: Monday, 8/14.

Trailer Storage

If you have a trailer that will be used for transporting karts and equipment only, and does not need to be parked inside of the pit area, there will be a $25 fee to store it in a secured outer lot of this facility. Please add that note to your pit spot request to give SKUSA advanced notice. (Garage customers excluded.) 
Last Updated on Tuesday, 08 August 2017 10:45