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SKUSA Pro Tour

Race Numbers and Panels
Please be aware that SKUSA is making specific number panel colors MANDATORY starting with the 2010 SKUSA ProTour. See SKUSA rule 20.2.2. If you would like to order custom number panels from the PKC –preferred vendor, please contact Alex @ Axcel Fast Graphics (Arcadia, CA) to place your order: 626-294-0075, Axcel Fast Graphics has worked with SKUSA to help design the layout and color schemes, so all you need to do is provide your class and PRE-APPROVED race number (with letter designator). NOTE: Numbers must be in BLOCK style and a minimum of 5 inches high on the front fairing and 4 inches high on the side and rear panels. The letter designator is MANDATORY for all classes shown below (except Pro Tour champs with National Number plates). The letter must be a minimum of ½ the height of your race number. This is a TECH ITEM. For those of you who won't be ordering custom number panels from Axcel, please see the color schemes below, and ask your printer to follow these guidelines as close as possible. (Company logos are not required.) Make sure to use highly contrasting colors, so they can easily be deciphered as you go flying past!  SKUSA does NOT allow duplicate numbers in the same class, even with a different letter designator. The letter designator is ONLY there to identify where that driver resides.

NOTE: (1) Your pre-approved race number -- including your letter designator -- must be clearly visible on all 4 of your race number panels. Contact the SKUSA office to verify your race number and letter designator PRIOR to having your number panels printed. If you allow your SKUSA membership to lapse, we cannot reserve your kart # and you run the risk of someone else taking it. (2) The 1st through 3rd place PRO TOUR CHAMPS from the previous season will be required to run their NATIONAL NUMBER PANELS for the following season. One set will be sent to each of these winners at no charge, will depict the national number plate colors shown below, and will not require a letter designator.


Yellow Number on a Black Background (no letter designator)

National – Moving up in class this year

Yellow Number on a White Background (no letter designator)

Shifter Classes

Tag Classes


S1 - Pro Stock Moto

Red Number & Letter Designator on a Green Background


Micro Swift

Orange Number & Letter Designator on a White Background


S2 - Semi-Pro Stock Moto

Yellow Number & Letter Designator on a Green Background


Mini Swift

Green Number & Letter Designator on a White Background


S4 - Master Stock Moto

Black Number & Letter Designator on a Green Background


X30 Junior

Blue Number & Letter Designator on a White Background


S4 SM - Super Master Stock Moto

Black Number & Letter Designator on a Green Background


X30 Senior

Red Number & Letter Designator on a White Background




X30 Master

Black Number & Letter Designator on a White Background


You can only reserve a race number with SKUSA if you have an active SKUSA membership. With the exception of single digit earned numbers (see below), the only number that you are authorized to race with is the number found on your SKUSA membership card -- INCLUDING the area designator. If you race without the area designator letter, you will be exposed to the possibility of having to change your number panels at the event.

Single digit numbers

Only Regional or National SKUSA class champions from the previous competition year earn the right to run single digit numbers the following year.  Even if a driver chooses not to run the single digit number earned, that number is reserved and unusable by any other driver for the balance of the competition year.

If you are moving to another class or wish to change your reserved race number, contact the SKUSA business office to check and reserve a new number: email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 951-491-0808.

Area Designators by state

"a" = International
"c", "x", "b", "k" = (SoCal, HI, AZ)
"d" = (CO, NM)
"e" = (NE, IA, MO)
"f" = (FL)
"g" = (AR, LA, MS, KY, TN, AL)
"h" = (SD, ND, MN)
"j" = (WI, MI, IN, IL, OH)
"m" = (Mexico)
"n" = (MD, PA, NY, DE, NJ, DE)
"o" = (OK, KS)
"q" = (CT, RI, MA, VT, NH, ME)
"r" = Canada
"s" = (VA, WV, NC, SC, GA)
"t" = (TX)
"u" = (UT, WY, MT)
"y" = (NorCal and NV)
"z" = (WA, OR, ID)