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California ProKart Challenge

Why race the ProKart Challenge?
While there are multiple kart series throughout the region, there is an overwhelming demand for a series that actually takes into account the 'experience' of its competitors. SKUSA’s ProKart Challenge programs have been designed from the ground up to be a series for the racer, and they offer some unique advantages not usually seen elsewhere.

With PKC, racers can expect:
  1. Maximum Seat Time - 60-80 laps per race day, on average
  2. Quality race venues
  3. High Caliber Race Trophies
  4. Timely Posting of Results to Website and – Normally within 48 hours of each event
  5. Class requirement checklists on the website
  6. Handsome Event and Year End Prizes
  7. Annual Race Number Reservation
  8. First Class Awards Banquet
  9. Highest quality event staff at every level
  10. Strict adherence to race day schedule
  11. User-friendly website and online store
  12. Personal contact and communication with each racer – don’t ever be surprised to get a random call from PKC to check in and get your feedback!