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SKUSA Bulletin: Stock Moto Component Restrictions
Wednesday, 02 December 2009 21:55
For some time, the Superkarts! USA management team has been concerned about the increasing number of complaints regarding escalating costs in its Stock Honda program. Some of the complaints are due to the component choices inherit in our current rules set, while others are due to the ability to utilize non-stock settings or parts. While some of these variants were initially approved to minimize availability problems, they have since become performance oriented. As such, with reliability being the primary goal, SKUSA is announcing the following rule changes, which will go into effect on January 1, 2010.

“While we realize that these changes may not be universally welcomed, we believe that it is in the best, long run interest of the Stock Moto program to return to as close a “box stock” configuration as possible,” offered John Motley, SKUSA’s National Technical Director.

Accordingly, SKUSA has chosen to limit these modifications from stock as follows, effective January 1, 2010.
  1. Only 1999 reed cage assemblies will be allowed, with no additional modification or components such as reed stiffeners permitted. Aftermarket direct replacement reed petals will be allowed.
  2. Only 1999 CR125 intake manifold (boot) may be used. While the use of the RS manifold was originally allowed to facilitate the mounting of larger seats it has since become a routine performance enhancement regardless of seat size. With the discontinuance of this part by Honda, it has become increasingly difficult to find and therefore expensive. While we concede that in some instances the fitment of larger seats might be slightly easier with the RS manifold it is by no means impossible with the CR manifold. The SKUSA management team has been studying this for a number of months and has numerous photos showing Large and XL seats in use with the CR manifold.
  3. We have been increasingly concerned with the number of complaints received from SKUSA competitors about the decreased piston life that many are experiencing from detonation. While we understand the quest for performance, the basis for the success of the Stock Honda class has been its legendary reliability. Therefore, the option of modifying the static timing by removing or machining the steel LH timing plate and/or grinding the aluminum stator base plate will no longer be permitted. SKUSA will make available these plates (at cost) to order online. Should demand require, we are prepared to supply SKUSA branded CNC machined replacements with the same specifications as the stock steel plate.
  4. “Squish” or deck height measurement through the spark plug hole similar will be minimum of .050” using .060” solder.
  5. Only 1999 ignitions and components will be allowed.

With the addition of these new rules adjustments and the debut of SKUSA’s new streamlined class structure for 2010, the organization is now in the process of updating the rulebook, which will be available online by the end of the year. Buy Sildalis 120 mg cheap.