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Superkarts! USA - Rulebook & Updates

Mini ROK Supplementary Class Information Print
Monday, 09 April 2012 10:44
All basic engine specifications and dimensions will be found in the current Mini ROK pdf as published on the Super karts USA website
The intent of the class is to run the engine as produced. The specifications are available to determine any modifications, not to allow blueprinting. No deviation from the “as produced” engine is allowed. All components must remain OEM.
Additions/clarifications in this version are italicized and underlined. Deletions are lined out.
Any information published herein that conflicts will be considered the superior reference.
Bore:  42.10 maximum
Stroke:  43.00 mm +/‐.10mm
Rod length:  90mm +/‐.10mm
CC:  Assembled 7.5 w/LAD tool using Marvel Mystery Oil
Squish minimum:  .032”min (with .060” solder)
Ignition:  Selettra
Cylinder:  Mini ROK Cup only as per pdf
Carburetor:  DellOrto PHBG 18mm
  • Slide: #40
  • Needle: W23
  • Outer pilot: #60
  • Inner pilot: #50
  • Emulsion tube: 266AN
  • Floats: 4gm
Maximum venturi size (no‐go):  18mm
The only allowed changes to the carburetor are main jet changes and needle clip position. Any other change or modification is not permitted.
Air Box:  (1) 23mm tube(+/‐ 1mm) 2010 (silver) as supplied in kit with no modification except for the addition of an internal foam air cleaner which mounts in place of the stock boot.  The original air box adapter must be used.  No external modifications of any type including air scoops or heat retention additions

Full chain/clutch cover:  such as OTK, KG or Tillett or billet clutch cover with chain cover strap.
Clutch:  2010 as per pdf. No modifications allowed.
Exhaust:  As per pdf, modification or repair not allowed. Cracked or broken exhausts will be disqualified.
Mount pattern:  80mm X 102mm Same as Comer K80, Rotax and HPV/KPV
Tires:  Two (2) sets One set of MG HZ 460 X 5 for competition sessions per weekend.
Bodywork:  CIK, FIK or IKF/WKA style allowed. Must include front fairing, nose, side pods and rear protection. Front bumper (nose) maximum width 42” (1067mm).  May not extend beyond front tires.
Chassis:  Since SKUSA endeavors to accommodate competitors from all organizations whenever possible, the following chassis regulations will apply to all Cadet chassis.
  • Minimum wheelbase 35” (889mm).
  • Maximum axle diameter 40mm
  • Maximum width 50” (1270mm)
Rear protection/bumper:  CIK, FIK or IKF/WKA style allowed. Under no conditions may the rear protection extend beyond the plane of the rear tires.
Chest protection:  All drivers in this class are required to wear a chest protector with SFI Section 20.1 Certificationduring any on‐track session. Failure to comply may result in disqualification.
Claiming:  Any competitor may claim an engine entered in the event subject to the following conditions:
  • Claimant must be entered in the race and have participated in at least two events in the class during the calendar year.
  • Claimed engine must have cleared Technical Inspection for the event.
  • Claimant must provide certified funds or cash in the amount of $3000.00 US$.
  • Claimed engine will be delivered to the Claimant under the supervision of the event Technical Director and Race Director at the end of the event.
  • Claimed engine will be complete, less engine mount and chain/clutch cover. Including:
    • Engine and clutch
    • Carburetor
    • Exhaust system
Failure to deliver the claimed engine will result in forfeiture of all awards for the series.