Engine Sealing for ALL Race Classes – Starting with the Pro Tour SummerNationals Print
Written by John Motley - National Technical Director   
Saturday, 14 July 2012 11:09
Attention: Engine builders, Tuners, Team Managers and Competitors:

The most current version of the SKUSA Rulebook describes the necessary drilled bolts/nuts for engine sealing. Should the sealing of engines be declared for the event, at qualifying each entry will have their engine sealed and recorded. The seals will normally be available in advance to facilitate the process:
Stock Honda engines: one cylinder stud and one head bolt/stud must be drilled for sealing.
TAG engines: one reed cage bolt/stud must be drilled. One cylinder stud (if present) and one head bolt/stud must be drilled for sealing.

We will have pre-drilled nuts like used on 09 Leopards available at our event at Miller Motorsports Park at a modest cost, to use on the base and head for CR125’s and in other applications. These will not work for all applications in TAG, so you will have to substitute drilled studs or nuts on your own.

REMINDER -- TAG engines must have:
  • head stud/nut drilled
  • cylinder base stud/nut (if applicable) drilled
  • Reed cage stud/nut drilled
An engine seal will be supplied in your entry packet; it must be installed by the competitor (along with the chassis seal provided) and recorded on your Pre-Tech form and handed to the Grid Steward prior to qualifying. Failure to do so will result in a “no-time” in qualifying.

Legality of components in TAG classes:

Note the following from the SKUSA Rulebook:

20.3.4. TaG Engine Specifications: All TaG engine specifications shall be per the PDF links and rules below. The basic intent of the class is to run the engines as supplied by the manufacturer without modification or substitution of components.

While we interpret the rules to allow the use of certain components that are almost impossible to retain traceability to OEM parts manufacturers (such as bearings, seals and gaskets), other substitutions are not permitted.

Here is an answer to a frequent question related to main bearings:

Hybrid ceramic or other exotic types are not permitted. These are well outside the type specified in the pdf.

A reminder of the new SKUSA camera registration policy: Identification: All cameras used at SKUSA events must be registered prior to use and have the SKUSA inspection sticker clearly visible on the camera body. Additionally, each camera must be clearly marked with the owner’s name and mobile phone number. Cameras without identification may not be returned. Loss of the camera on the racing surface may result in penalties, including loss of positions, loss of points, and/or monetary fines.
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