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2012 SKUSA Tech Updates/Clarifications: MY09 Leopard and Motori 7 Print
Written by John Motley - National Technical Director   
Sunday, 04 November 2012 15:27
Leopard My09
Recently we learned that the latest batches of Leopard MY09 engines received by both importers were fitted with the X30 clutch. It is basically the same clutch but weighs more. All other specifications remain the same with the following exception:
  • Shoe assembly: 360g minimum (original 265g)
  • Shoe/starter gear assembly: 650g minimum (original 525g)
Both versions are allowed but must meet minimum weight for the specific clutch.
All components of the clutch assembly must be OEM; aftermarket parts are not allowed.

Motori 7
An update to the ignition timing was requested by the factory in June to reflect the ignitions currently supplied with new engines. Inadvertently it was not posted, so here it is:
  • Black coil (105-458) remains as original .060 (1.5mm) to .075" (1.90mm).
  • Red coil (500 178 / 500 118) is 2.7mm (.106") to 2.9mm (.114").