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IAME X30/MY09 Clutch Information Update Print
Written by John Motley - National Technical Director   
Tuesday, 17 February 2015 20:07
A number of questions have arisen regarding the clutch configurations on the X30 engines. Here is updated information.
  • Original X30 engines came with a pull-type clutch with a drum with holes in it.
  • A second generation push-type clutch has been supplied since late 2013. This clutch is also the replacement for original MY09 clutches when used with starter gear PN: X30125831.
  • A new generation drum assembly with no holes and an optional O-ring and shorter bearing utilizing the same push-type clutch is now available. This drum is also a replacement for MY09 clutch drums.
These changes minimize the chance of chain lubrication contaminating the friction surfaces, which could result in a penalty. We encourage the use of the latest drum and O-ring/bearing combination for this reason.