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Superkarts! USA - Rulebook & Updates

Latest SKUSA Rule Updates and Clarifications Print
Wednesday, 25 March 2015 18:04

Honda Classes – Important Rule Update Regarding Cylinder Declaration/Changes

Our continuing review of current SKUSA rules has caused us to revise our treatment of changing cylinder groups and the penalties for doing so. While the original rule was an attempt to control costs, it has become apparent that it is no longer needed and is actually causing undue hardship. We have decided to remove the penalty in 2015 for changing your cylinder between a ’99 and an ‘01. This will allow a change in cylinder group from one race event to the next without dropping points earned. Any penalties assessed year-to-date will be reversed. The 10-position penalty for repairs/replacement during the course of a race event will still apply. For now, we will continue to ask for your cylinder type at registration and on the Pre-Tech Certification Form at the start of each race event. We appreciate the input from several of our competitors and engine builders that resulted in revaluation of this rule.

Leopard and X30 Engines – Additional Piston Manufacturer Allowed

Due to overwhelming success of the X30 program, IAME has had to contract with an additional piston supplier to meet demand. The additional piston is marked as shown on the photo posted. Performance and durability have been extensively tested on both dyno and track, and no differences have been found. Both versions are now allowed, effective immediately.

09 Leopard, X30 & Mini Swift – Changes to Epoxy used in relays and Ignition Control Box

We have been advised that the electronic supplier has changed the color of several of the electrical components of these engines. No change has been made to the function of any component – only the color of the epoxy has changed.


TaG Cadet – Updates to Mini Swift Supplementary Class/Engine Info

The new Mini Swift Supplementary PDF dated 3/25/15 details a few minor updates/clarifications.

Miscellaneous SKUSA Rulebook Updates effective 3/25/15

See the latest SKUSA Rulebook dated 3/25/15 for updates to these sections, effective immediately:
  • – Violations/Kart or Equipment
  • – Violations/Non-Compliant Fuel
  • – Chassis Dimensions
  • – Bumpers & Bodywork
  • – Composite Parts
  • – TaG Engine Sealing
  • – Engine Repair/Replacement
Last Updated on Wednesday, 25 March 2015 18:15