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Important Rule Clarification for SKUSA TaG Cadets Print
Friday, 24 April 2015 08:13

Attention Mini Swift Competitors and Engine Builders

Recently we have had questions regarding modifications on Mini Swift engines that do not meet either the intent or the spirit of the class. For your information, following is the statement in the Supplementary Rules for Mini Swift.

“The intent of the class is to run the engine as produced. The specifications are available to determine any modifications, not to allow blueprinting. No deviation from the “as produced” USA engine is allowed. All components must remain OEM.”

Some have felt that where minimum or maximum dimensions are given, that it is permissible to modify the component to meet the posted minimum dimension. To be clear, those tolerances are present to accommodate production variances -- not to allow additional machining by engine builders. Comparison to known unmodified components, as well as measurement, will be employed to determine modification.

If it is determined that any additional machining is present, the component will be confiscated and the entrant and engine builder will receive a substantial penalty. Penalties to be assessed include disqualification and suspension from future events.
Last Updated on Friday, 24 April 2015 08:17