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Superkarts! USA - Rulebook & Updates

Minor SKUSA rule updates and clarifications for TaG Drivers Print
Thursday, 22 October 2015 20:27
Swift, Leopard and X30 Engines
The use of Spiralock® wristpin clips is permitted.

Carburetor gaskets, diaphragms and other miscellaneous gaskets
Color will not be considered as long as dimensions are correct. Note that this applies thru the end of 2015; further rule adjustments may occur for 2016.

If an air filter is used, it must be an IAME air filter (part number: 10751-A).

Questions have been raised regarding cc/squish relationship. The engine may be checked for cc, squish and head profile. Engine must pass all tests performed to be considered legal.

TaG Junior/Leopard Engines
Starting with the 2015 SuperNationals, we will require the header to be sealed, along with head and reed cage. The wire will be placed either through the header reinforcement (if present) or a drilled header nut. Seals with longer wires will be available. This will also apply to TaG Junior/X30 Engines next year.