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Shifter Airbox Rule for Simraceway/Sonoma Print
Written by John Motley - National Tech Director   
Wednesday, 12 April 2017 14:00
Track regulations for Simraceway in Sonoma require an airbox for all Shifter classes. SKUSA rules allow any current or previously CIK homologated and RLV airbox to be used under the following rule. Air Box: Drivers may use an optional air cleaner or air box (unless regulated by track). If an air box is utilized, it must be in stock form with NO MODIFICATIONS to the box or the inlet tubes. Air boxes may have up to 3 inlet tubes, each not to exceed 29mm +- 1mm inside diameter and 95mm minimum length. Approved air boxes are limited to CIK approved and RLV. Note special requirements for S5 (see RULEBOOK).