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Superkarts! USA - Rulebook & Updates

CORRECTION - Supplementary Regulations, Push Back Bumper Print
Written by John Motley - National Tech Director   
Wednesday, 04 April 2018 13:09
In response to overwhelming requests from teams and individual members, effective with the SpringNationals SKUSA will be requiring the use of the CIK approved “Push Back Bumper system” (PBB).

Required Classes
All classes will be required to use the PBB, except for; S1/S2/S4/S4SM.

Required Use
PBB installation is required beginning with the first practice Friday am, and for all sessions for the remainder of the event. Penalties will not be assessed on Friday, as we intend to use this time to work with all our teams and drivers to ensure that installation is correct, and everyone is fully compliant prior to the competition portion of our event.

Competition and Penalty Procedure:
  • Applies to qualifying, pre-finals, and finals.
  • Driver must enter the official grid with the PBB detached from their kart.
  • The driver, or mechanic, must mount the PBB without the use of tools and under the supervision of the Grid Marshall(s) and technical staff.
  • The PBB may be inspected for modification or excessive wear, and compliance is determined by the officials.
  • As provided in rules, the 27mm minimum clearance between the fairing and metal bumper will be enforced.
  • Zip ties may be used to hold the clamps to the bumper but shall not hold the clamp from opening.

Mandatory Homologated Items
The use of the following homologated items is mandatory for SKUSA competition;
  • The use of a homologated front fairing
  • The use of a homologated front fairing mounting kit of the bodywork homologation period 2015 – 2020.
  • The use of the KG mounting clamps is not required (as an example, OTK clamps are acceptable). KG mounting clamps are highly recommended for their additional strength.

Mandatory Installation
The PBB must be in the correct position at all times during a competition session, per CIK Technical Drawings #’s 2d and 2c. (see CIK Technical Drawings No. 2d and 2c)

Technical Drawing 2c

Technical Drawing 2d

  • The black flag with an orange disc will not be shown to a driver if his front fairing is no longer in the correct position.
  • If the PBB is no longer in the correct position after the race with one side pushed in, a warning will be imposed automatically to the driver. Additional penalties may be imposed. The penalty may not be protested or appealed.
  • If the PBB is no longer in the correct position after the race with both sides pushed in, a time penalty of 10   5 seconds  will be imposed automatically to the driver. The penalty may not be protested or appealed.
  • Should a driver or another party be found to have intentionally replaced or repositioned a dislodged front fairing to avoid detection by a SKUSA official, that competitor shall be immediately excluded from the day’s competition events.

Last Updated on Monday, 09 April 2018 15:31