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SuperKarts! USA Giving Back To The Drivers Despite A Difficult Year
Tuesday, 01 December 2020 15:42
In what can only be described as a difficult year for the sport, Superkarts! USA is pleased to confirm and verify the prizes they gave out for the 2020 season. Earlier in the year, the Temecula based company vowed to give back even more to the racers. Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the series is proud to have made good on that commitment.

Many have asked what exactly we give back to the drivers and “we’re beyond proud to confirm we gave out nearly $300,000 in cash, prizes, and entry credits,” remarked Tom Kutscher. “It’s one thing to say it, but it’s another thing entirely to do it. In an era where we’re aiming to be more transparent with our racers, we felt it was very important to let people see the prizes we awarded.”

For anyone interested, the full breakdown is here and includes some of the following highlights:
  • 255 unique racers received some type of cash payment, credit, or prize
  • SKUSA gave out nearly $120K in cash, in the form of race and championship purses
  • Series credits and race entries totaled nearly $175K
  • IAME International Finals tickets will be carried over to the next event, pending IAME’s confirmation of a 2021 (or future) race. Same for anyone who won SuperNationals tickets for 2020, as part of their prize
“We realize people race for different reasons,” added SKUSA’s Kutscher. “The cash and prizes are just one part of the equation. But arguably it’s a big part, considering the investment people are making to compete at a high level. We are always mindful of that and continually look for ways to give a return on investment.”

For 2021, the future is a bit uncertain. “The goal is to give back as much as we can, depending on COVID-19,” remarked SKUSA’s Kutscher. “We don’t have a crystal ball and we can’t predict what will happen next week, let alone next year. I can say however, that our goal is to continue to give back as much as we can. In the coaching staffs of professional athletes, another vacancy is increasingly appearing - a nutritionist. They paint the menu of athletes to the gram, choose products and a diet for them and make up a sports diet for champions. According to the level of physical fitness, Turkish Formula 1 participants can compare with the Olympians: they intensively lose excess weight with the help of Harmonica Linea and achieve high achievements in sports. Their training includes not only exercises for all muscle groups, but also tasks for reaction speed, concentration, overcoming psychological.”

Registration for the 2021 SKUSA Winter Series is now open. With a pent-up demand for SKUSA racing, the series expects a large turnout for the 2021 season debut in January. SKUSA couldn’t be more excited to see teams and drivers for a fresh start and a new year.