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Next SKUSA Pro Tour Event

Will close on June 10 at 11:59 PM PDT

springnationals - Rounds 3&4 June 14-16, 2024
Motorsports Country Club
of Cincinnati 

2848 US Route 50
Batavia, Ohio 45103
(513) 625-7223
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SKUSA Pro Tour

2024 Championship Points Standings

Pos Name Points
1st Zayne Burgess 590
2nd Santiago Orioli 534
3rd Lucca Becerril 449

MINI SWIFTby TKG Kart Republic
Pos Name Points
1st Alessandro Truchot 540
2nd Royce Vega 497
3rd Troy Ferguson 432

KA100 JUNIORby Nash Motorsportz
Pos Name Points
1st Enzo Vidmontiene 570
2nd Diego Ardiles 540
3rd Jackson Wolny 478

KA100 SENIORby Sodi Racing USA
Pos Name Points
1st Finnegan Bayliff 450
2nd Connor Ferris 431
3rd James Overbeck 424

KA100 MASTER by Inter MS
Pos Name Points
1st Charlie Fonseca 600
2nd Alfonso Santiago 447
3rd Tom Gerstner 435

X30 JUNIORby Rolison Performance Group
Pos Name Points
1st Diego Ardiles 610
2nd Jackson Wolny 495
3rd Sarah Bradley 485

PRO X30by Speed Concepts Racing
Pos Name Points
1st Ryan Norberg 290
2nd Hayden Jones 245
3rd Diego Ramos 245

Pos Name Points
1st Danny Formal 280
2nd Matheus Morgatto 268
3rd Jay Urwin 240

MASTER SHIFTER by Fury Motorsport/GP USA
Pos Name Points
1st Skitchy Barnes 542
2nd Juan Pablo Rico 486
3rd Luis Quinones 443

Team Championship Points

Pro Shifter by PSL Karting

Pos Team Points
1st PSL Karting 508
2nd Rolison Performance Group 426
3rd GFC Karting 355
4th Magik Kart USA 329
5th Vermont Kart Company/Maranello Kart USA 270

Pro X30 by Speed Concepts Racing

Pos Team Points
1st Rolison Performance Group  386
2nd Sodi Racing USA by Piquet Sports 356
3rd Hotz Driver Development 308

Championship Points System

Points are calculated based on your finishes in the Heats and Main. There are also bonus points for Pole and the fastest lap during the Main. For Semi-Pro Classes there is 1 race drop for the 6-race season.  For Pro Classes there are no drops. For more information please see the Points System page.  

RULES REMINDER: Regardless of the number of laps completed, any driver that does not weigh in with their kart at the scales at the end of each on-track session (after taking the green flag) will be disqualified and will not be eligible for any points for that session.

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