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Next SKUSA Pro Tour Event

Closes March 4 at 11:59 PM PDT
WinterNationals - Rounds 1&2 March 8-10, 2024
Orlando Kart Center
10724 Cosmonaut Blvd
Orlando, FL 32824
Website // Google Maps

Event Bulletin

  • 2/24 1:00 PM - Revised Schedule Posted
  • 2/24 11:54 AM - Pro Class HOT PIT CANCELLED - Due to customer feedback and concerns in addition to our own worries about running into sunset, we have decided to cancel the Hot Pit for the Pro Classes and they will run a normal practice rotation. The Sat and Sun Pro Class format will remain unchanged. We will evaluate it for the SpringNats in Ohio.
  • 2/24 11:50 AM - Neither KA100 Master or Master Shifter hit 10 entries but we have decided to run them together for the weekend. 

SKUSA Pro Tour

2023 Championship Points Standings

MICRO SWIFT by Sodi Racing USA
Pos Name Points
1st Maxwell Macha 1440
2nd Juan Diego Garciarce 1319
3rd Josh Bergman 1240

MINI SWIFTby Evinco Tires
Pos Name Points
1st Lucas Palacio 1194
2nd Marco Romero 1180
3rd Travis Pettit 1149

KA100 JUNIORby Greyhound Racing Seats
Pos Name Points
1st Steven Miller 1319
2nd Max Taylor 1131
3rd Ernesto Rivera 1101

KA100 SENIORby Nash Motorsportz
Pos Name Points
1st Aiden Levy 1279
2nd Collin Lloyd 1191
3rd Henry Wheeler 1134

KA100 MASTER by Aspen Sport Fuel
Pos Name Points
1st Tom Gerstner 794
2nd Michel Garrido 610
3rd Clay Settles 600

X30 JUNIORby Rolison Performance Group
Pos Name Points
1st Ernesto Rivera 1404
2nd Max Taylor 1355
3rd Jackson Wolny 1187

X30 SENIORby Speed Concepts Racing
Pos Name Points
1st Joe Turney 1434
2nd Ryan Norberg 1330
3rd Matheus Morgatto 1196

Pos Name Points
1st Marijn Kremers 1244
2nd Kyle Wick 1243
3rd Jacob Gulick 1238

MASTER SHIFTER by International Motorsport
Pos Name Points
1st Luis Quinones 1280
2nd Robert Fiege 1157
3rd Michael Guasch 1106

Championship Points System

Points are calculated based on your finishes in the Heats and Main. There are also bonus points for Pole and the fastest lap during the Main. There is 1 race drop for the 2023 Pro Tour 6-race season to calculate the final championship points. For more information please see the Points System page.  

NEW FOR 2023: We have revised our rules and there are no longer any 'non-droppable' rounds.

RULES REMINDER: Regardless of the number of laps completed, any driver that does not weigh in with their kart at the scales at the end of each on-track session (after taking the green flag) will be disqualified and will not be eligible for any points for that session.

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