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Next ProKart Challenge Event

Closes Monday, Jan 29th at 10am

Round 1 - Buttonwillow February 2-3, 2018
Buttonwillow Raceway Park
24551 Lerdo Highway
Buttonwillow, CA 93206
(661) 764-5333
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California ProKart Challenge

2017 ProKart Challenge Series Points

Championship Points System

Points are calculated based on your finishes in the Heats and Main.  There are also bonus points for Pole and the fastest lap during the Main.  There will be six races in 2017 with 1 drop. For more information please see the Points System page.

To view the points full screen, CLICK HERE , otherwise scroll the window below to view the current points.

RULES REMINDER: Regardless of the number of laps completed, any driver that does not weigh in with their kart at the scales at the end of each on-track session (after taking the green flag) will be disqualified and will not be eligible for any points for that session.

SKUSA expire date column notes

  1. If the SKUSA expire date is highlighted YELLOW it is within 45 days of lapsing.
  2. If the SKUSA expire date is highlighted PINK it has lapsed but it is within the allowed 45 day grace renewal period to renew your membership without losing your ability to earn points.
  3. If the SKUSA expire date is highlighted RED it has expired and you have lost your ability to earn points.&
  4. SKUSA allows points to be earned ONLY with a current membership or within the allowed 45 day grace renewal period.;
  5. Points CANNOT be earned with an expired membership (ie: any points earned while your membership is expired do not count).

Grand total points column notes

  1. Ties are broken by comparing main finish positions.
  2. If main finishes are the same, then heat finish positions are used.
  3. If heat finishes are the same, then qualifying positions are used.

Race drop notes - Only disqualifications because of a weight infraction can be used as a “throw-away” race in any SKUSA series.

[ dne = did not enter ] [ cnc = cancel ] [ dns = did not start ] [ dnf = did not finish ] [ dq = disqualified ]

Past Seasons

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PKC NorCal Past Seasons

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