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SuperKarts! USA Announces Joint Partnership With KBR To Form ‘SKUSA Mexico’ For 2021 Season
Thursday, 17 December 2020 15:45

2021 Is still a few weeks away, but the mood is already positive in SKUSA’s main office. Superkarts! USA and Mexico’s KBR are excited to officially announce SKUSA Mexico, kicking off in January 2021 in Mexico City. The joint venture aims to combine the success and model of the SKUSA platform with an already thriving and successful regional program, south of the border.

“Luis Jauregui is a person who shares the same genuine passion for this sport as I do,” remarked an excited Tom Kutscher. The SKUSA president went on to add, “In 20 years, I have never seen anyone who cares more about the sport and its people than he does. Watching him this weekend, interact with everyone, offering support and hearing everyone out, made me so excited for this next chapter.”

SKUSA will be supporting the new venture with insight, training, logistics, and key personnel. With its existing portfolio of Evinco Tires, IAME, and race sanctioning and promotion, Superkarts! USA are committing to augmenting the early success already occurring in Mexico City.

IAME USA West’s Alexis Kutscher commented, “We will be bringing our key employees to Mexico to help train and support the KBR staff. In everything from tech, to officiating, our plan is to preserve a model that’s proven successful in the continental United States.” She also shared “we had the great pleasure of attending KBR’s regional final and we were very impressed with the turnout, the professionalism, and the shared passion for racing.”

The six-race series kicks off January 30-31 in Mexico City and consists of six rounds to make up the 2021 championship. With a class format the mimics that of SKUSA’s ProTour, the SKUSA Mexico class structure will be as follows:
  • Mini
  • Micro
  • Baby
  • X30 Jr
  • X30 Sr
  • X30 M’s/X30 SM’s
  • Honda Shifter (Seniors/Masters)
If that weren’t exciting enough, SKUSA and SKUSA Mexico are incredibly proud and excited to confirm a prize package that rivals anything in the sport. The series will be giving back during these unprecedented times with a stellar season prize package worth over $60,000 USD. Prizes will come in the form of Evinco Tire raffles at each race, SKUSA ProTour entries, ticket to the IAME International Final, SuperNationals entries, guaranteed starting spots for the SuperNationals, and much more. A full breakdown of the prizes and values can be found by clicking here.

“International expansion is a dream come true,” remarked SKUSA Tom Kutscher. “I’m humbled and honored to be working with a group of individuals who love this sport as much as we do at SKUSA in the United States. I’m truly excited to see where this amazing venture leads.”

SKUSA Mexico will be headed by KBR’s partner who in charge of their racing division, Luis Jauregui, who is equally optimistic. “We couldn’t be happier than to team up with SKUSA to further the program we have here in Mexico. The SKUSA brand is second to none and known worldwide for its championships and events like the SuperNationals. Jauregui went on to say, “together we will strive to create an amazing platform to further the growth of professional karting in Mexico and nurturing the next generation of world class racing drivers.” Reklama: Provitra stiklo konstrukcijos, pertvaros, turėklai, laiptai, durys, stogai, terasos

The 2021 SKUSA Mexico season kicks off in a few short weeks at KBR with the complete schedule being as follows:
  • Race 1: Jan 30-31
  • Race 2: April 17-18
  • Race 3: June 26-27
  • Race 4: August 21-22
  • Race 5: October 9-10
  • Race 6: December 4-5
The first part of the year, SKUSA Mexico will be held at KBR. But in the future, other tracks will join the championship. More information about the new series to come.