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SuperKarts! USA Revises SKUSA Mexico Calendar In Proactive Attempt To Comply With Local Covid-19 Mitigation Efforts
Thursday, 14 January 2021 12:05
The recently announced SKUSA Mexico series has been met with tremendous enthusiasm and excitement across North America. Racers from Mexico and the United States are both eager to see the SKUSA racing programs and format flourish in new territories and locations. Last week in Florida at the SKUSA Winter Series, SKUSA Mexico brought their key personnel to train on site in all major departments.

In an effort to launch the series with the best chances for success, SKUSA is being very proactive with respects to COVID-19 mitigation. In an effort to be fully compliant with Mexico’s “code red” status. Effective January 10th 2021, Mexico City will begin a mandatory lockdown for all non-essential activity. Cases are spiking in the in the nation’s capital city and decreasing bandwidth in hospitals. Both KBR’s Luis Jauregui and SKUSA’s Tom Kutscher both jointly agreed it was in the best interests of everyone to move the scheduled January event to March 05-07, 2021.

“COVID-19 has been a tremendous hurdle for SKUSA and the sport of karting,” remarked an honest Tom Kutscher. “Right now with the state of the world and COVID-19 we have to be precautious with our decisions to ensure the safety of our customers and crew”.

The news of postponement comes on the heels of other international karting events also being forced to cancel in Portugal, amidst that country’s own pandemic lockdown efforts.

“The past 12 months have been a challenge for any race promoter,” added Kutscher. Check out our top-rated and highly recommended Australian Gambling Sites - “But it’s important we begin any new venture being in full compliance of the local country’s directives.” The remaining events are still scheduled for the previously published dates, and both parties are optimistic that restrictions will lessen as medical infrastructure is allowed to tend to the rise in cases.

See below for all dates for SKUSA Mexico.

March 6-7
April 17-18
June 26-27
August 21-22
Oct 9-10
Dec 4-5