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Superkarts! USA - Rulebook & Updates

SKUSA Rulebook Updates: 5/1/2024 Print
Tuesday, 30 April 2024 17:33
The following changes were made in the SKUSA Rulebook published on May 1, 2024.

If a competitor declines transport to the hospital after being seen by the on-site Medics, the competitor will not be allowed to continue racing that day until medical clearance is provided by a doctor.
Spec fuel changed to Sunoco 112 Supreme
Official Practice: All competitors must use the designated spec fuel, oil and tires appropriate for the series and their class. Any practice days run by SKUSA shall be considered ‘official’.
Unofficial Practice: Any practice days run by the track or facility are considered ‘unofficial’. It shall be up to the track to specify whether the spec fuel, oil and/or tires shall be required.
Weights: All weight mounting bolts must have double nuts (two nuts jammed together) or a nut with safety wire or pin through a drilled bolt. If mounted to the seat, large washers with a 1.5” minimum diameter should be utilized to prevent the fasteners from pulling through the seat. All weights MUST be painted or plastic coated white and marked with appropriate kart number…..
…..Weights not painted or marked with appropriate kart number shall result in a procedural penalty.
…..For classes that are allocated two sets of race tires, they must be new at Qualifying for both Rounds of the Event, unless otherwise specified by class parameters.
When, and only when, tires appropriated for Sunday are used in Saturday’s Qualifying, the competitor shall be issued a procedural fine in lieu of a DQ. Those tires will then become their Saturday tires and the other set will become their Sunday tires.
Data Acquisition: Data acquisition devices are allowed in all classes with the following restrictions. Systems that can modify, control or monitor ignition timing, air and/or fuel ratios, traction control, brake and/or throttle position are forbidden…..
Identification: ….Loss of the camera on the racing surface may shall result in a penalty. including loss of positions, loss of points, and/or monetary fines.
Reed Cage Assembly:…..Reeds must be OEM. Sanding is permitted ONLY on the side opposite of the IAME identification marking. IAME marking must not be altered and must be visible. Sanding, cutting or removal of any material is illegal…..
Reed petals shall be measured across the entire petal surface using a vernier caliper. The caliper should be verified using a .012" feeler gauge blade. The caliper should be zeroed using a .012" feeler gauge blade.  Any measurement under zero will be illegal. The factory IAME marking must be present.
Port measurement:…..This wedge may must be set in position through the inside of the cylinder or through the duct of the exhaust port to be checked. It will not be mandatory on any account for the wedge to be placed in a horizontal or vertical position.…..
Penalty Steward: The Penalty Steward handles Protest Submissions and the collection of Procedural fines. The Penalty Steward ensures Protests and Procedural fines have been submitted or paid per the protest window defined in 109.1.
PBB Steward: The PBB Steward handles PBB Protests and the reviewing of competitor’s video evidence in accordance with 109.6.
Aborted Start:….. An aborted start will automatically result in the reduction of the race by two (2)(1) laps.
When inclement or unpredictable weather and/or track conditions exist, the race duration may be changed from laps to time +laps.
Leaving the Racing Surface During Practice: When a competitor leaves the racing surface for any reason, their session has ended. Any driver who returns to the track will be subject to removal or other penalties including, but not limited to, the loss of their next practice session.
Mechanics are not allowed to work on karts for any reason during a practice session. Any driver found to be in violation shall be subject to removal or other penalties including, but not limited to, the loss of their next practice session.
604.1 -
Added “MINIMUM” to the PENALTY column.
604.1 Added specific penalty for Incorrect or Modified Header/Restrictor 
604.2 Added loss of clutch cover, camera, missing brake safety cable and Improperly Secured Weights..  Reworked the penalty table for ‘Loss of’ and ‘Missing” specifics and penalties to make them more clear. Revised penalty for Battery/Weight not marked with kart number during a race from DQ to 10 seconds.
Last Updated on Tuesday, 30 April 2024 17:46