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Walk-Ups taken when Reg opens at the track on Monday.  Entrants in Sold-Out classes will be placed on an alternates list.

supernationals 24 December 1-5, 2021
Las Vegas Motor Speedway
7000 Las Vegas Blvd N
Las Vegas, NV 89115
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Event Bulletin

  • 11/25 12:30 PM - Just a quick update on class capacities.  After some last minute cancels, Pro Shifter is the only class currently sold out.  Several classes have only 1 spot left, others have less than 10.  If you are planning on being a walkup, please contact to let us know and we can probably save you a spot. - Once a class is full, you will be placed on an Alternate list, waiting to see if there are any no shows after Reg closes on Tuesday.  If you are entered and plan on arriving after Reg closes on Tues, please send us an email to let us know. Please include the drivers name, class and kart#.
  • 11/23 8:30 AM - If you had to select a Temp number for your KA or X30 SR entry, you have been Re-Assigned a Kart Number.
  • 11/22 9:00 PM - RV Camping Spots with FULL Hookups will be available for reservation at 9am PST Tues morning.  First come, first serve.  They will be priced at $600 for Nov 29-Dec 6 or Monday to Monday.
  • 11/21 7:00 AM - ATTN 2021 Pro Tour Champs - You can run your single digit national number on your front fairing.  Please run your 3 digit national number on the sides and the rear. (Your 3 digit number will be used in Reg, Scoring, Live Timing, Tire/Fuel Desks etc)


SKUSA Confirms Details of Upcoming 24th Annual SuperNationals
Tuesday, 29 June 2021 13:23

SKUSA SuperNationals 24 registration opens June 30 at 3pm EDT / 12pm PDT (Photo: On Track Promotions -

With the new dates for the 24th annual SKUSA SuperNationals announced (December 1-5, 2021), SKUSA today revealed more details on the forthcoming event, traditionally scheduled on the week before Thanksgiving. With Caesar’s Entertainment Group forced to move the World Series of Poker to dates previously held by SKUSA, the California based karting promotion was left with no alternative but to move the SuperNationals event two weeks later into the Winter calendar.

One big question on everyone’s mind is the class and purse structure for 2021. SKUSA is pleased to confirm, despite a forced hiatus in 2020, the event will be nothing short of what it was in years past. The class and capacity breakdown is as follows:

Micro Swift: 44 Entries
Mini Swift: 44 Entries
KA100 Junior: 44 Entries
KA100 Senior: 88 Entries
X30 Junior: 88 Entries
X30 Senior: 88 Entries
X30 Master: 44 Entries
KZ: 44 Entries
Master Shifter: 44 Entries
Pro Shifter (SSE Only): 44 Entries

One key item of note that SKUSA is keen on addressing are the class capacities. In years past, SKUSA were able to expand full classes for late entries in an effort to accommodate everyone wishing to participate. In 2021, once race classes are full there will be no more capacity allowances. With the forced date change to December, SKUSA is required to share the RIO hotel with other events using the facility. That will mean a hard cap on the number of racers the series can feasibly fit in the space allocated for pit spots. Racers are encouraged to get their entry in early if they wish to guarantee their spot.

One other big question SKUSA is excited to confirm are the purses.

“We’re still doing the customary $10,000 for the winner of our flagship classes and even a $3,000 pole position award to our X30 and Pro 175 SSE class pole setters,” remarked SKUSA’s Tom Kutscher. “We’ve always believed in giving back to our racers and will always continue to do so. Especially for a race as big as the SuperNationals.”

The purse for SuperNationals 24 amounts to a staggering $40,000 USD with the payout breakdown as follows:

Pro Shifter and X30 Senior Purse for SuperNationals 24

Pole Position: $3,000 USD
1st Place: $10,000 USD
2nd Place: $5,000 USD
3rd Place: $2,000 USD

Regarding the time of year, and other challenges with the date change, SKUSA is already making proactive preparations. “We’re factoring in the climate,” SKUSA’s Tom Kutscher immediately addressed. “It’s Las Vegas and it’s a desert. We could be in shorts and tee shirts. We could be in winter jackets. There’s no telling which. That said, we have already provisioned enough rain tires just in case — and we will ensure every competitor has access to a set, just in case.”

Entry for the 24th event goes on sale promptly at noon (Pacific Daylight Time) on June 30, 2021. The time change is meant as a convenient time for teams on the east coast, as well as those who may be across the Atlantic. Competitors are encouraged to act quickly, as Superkarts! USA does envision many classes selling out fast.