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SuperNats XXII


SuperNats XXII Event Format and Schedule

Competition Schedule (TENTATIVE)

1st Draft 6/28/2018


  • 1st group of classes (Wed-Sat): X30 Junior, Pro Shifter, Mini Swift, KA100 Senior
  • 2nd group of classes (Wed-Sat): Master Shifter, X30 Senior, Micro Swift, X30 Master, KA100 Junior, KZ

Racing Format

In addition to multiple practice sessions, all classes will receive one (1) qualifying session, three (3) individual heat races, and one (1) main event (except as described below).  The grid order for the main event will be based on points earned in the heat races (except as described below). The 4 classes of X30 Senior, X30 Master, X30 Junior, and Mini Swift, will run elimination flights/LCQ's.

KZ, Pro Shifter, Master Shifter, KA100 Junior, KA100 Senior, and Micro Swift

sessions by class – separated into morning and afternoon groupings (per the final schedule to be given out at the track). 

sessions by class – same a.m. and p.m. groupings

Starting grid positions for all heats are based on original qualifying times.
Heat scoring:  0pts-1st, 2pts-2nd, 3pts-3rd, 4pts-4th, and so on.

Grid by aggregate heat points (tie breaks by original qualifying time).

X30 Senior, X30 Junior, X30 Master, and Mini Swift

Practice & Qualifying
Entries will be separated into P1 and P2 practice groups at registration. These groups will be set until the results of the last practice session on Wednesday; these last practice times will determine NEW practice groupings for Thursday’s practice sessions, as well as Friday’s Warm-up and Qualifying sessions, and Saturday’s Warm-up sessions

  • After qualifying, the entire field will be broken into 4 flights.  Top qualifier will be on pole in A, 2nd qualifier on pole in B, 3rd qualifier on pole in C, 4th qualifier on pole in D, 5th qualifier off pole in A, 6th qualifier off pole in B, and so on.
  • Flights: A vs B, C vs D, A vs C, B vs D, A vs D, B vs C per the published schedule (final schedule to be given out at the track).
  • Flight assignments remain the same for all heats.
  • Starting grid positions are based on original qualifying time (for all heats).
  • Heat scoring 0pts-1st, 2pts-2nd, 3pts-3rd, 4pts-4th and so on.
  • Top 34 (low to high aggregate flight heat points -- tie breaks are by original qualifying time) transfer directly to the main event. 
LCQs (Last Chance Qualifiers) 
  • Grid by aggregate flight heat points, low to high (tie breaks are by original qualifying time).
  • Field to be max 40 drivers, after the top 34 are removed from points standings.
  • Top 6 transfer to the rear of the main grid in LCQ Final finishing order.
Grid by aggregate flight heat points (tie breaks by original qualifying time); then LCQ finishers; then any of the top 3 in class from the Pro Tour points standings, any of the regional PKC champs that are not already in the grid, and any other ‘guaranteed’ spot winners from SKUSA not already in the grid.



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