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Round 5 - Santa Maria September 7-8, 2019
Santa Maria Kart Track
End of South Blosser Road
Santa Maria, CA 93456
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Located on the Santa Maria Airport Property (Directions)
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California ProKart Challenge

2019 Prize Packages
With nearly $120,000 worth of prizes to award over the 6 race series, the 2019 Pro Kart Challenge will crown 15 champions in as many classes.  


The top 3 finishers of each round in ALL classes will receive a high-quality trophy and the following...

  • 1st - (1) 2019 PKC Entry w/Tires
  • 2nd - (1) 2019 PKC Entry
  • 3rd - (1) $50 MSR Credit
That's $7,500 a day in just podium prizes and $45,000 over the 6 race series.

Even if you don't make it on the podium, you'll want to stick around because we will also be raffling off the following prizes to all competitors.
  • (10) Sets of Evinco Tires
  • (4) 4 PKC Entries w/Tires
  • (1) Pro Tour Entry w/Tires
That's another $4,500 in daily raffle prizes or $27,000 over the 6 race series.  In total that is $72,000 and we haven't even got to the Championship prizes.

2019 Prizes Awarded

Total Monetary Value of ALL Prizes Won So Far
  • $27,150

    R1 - $8,050
    R2 - $9,550
    R3 - $9,550

  • 1st Place - These drivers won a free PKC Entry with Tires valued at $325 each!
    R1 - Graham Trammell, Jesus Vasquez Jr, Branyon Tiner, Nick Persing, Carson Morgan, Ryan Norberg, Micah Hendricks
    R2 - Emon Fazlollahi, Vicente Salas, Logan Chambers, Jesus Vasquez Jr, Josh Pierson, Josh Pierson, Oliver Calvo, Billy Musgrave, Mike Smith, Stu Hayner
    R3 - Royal McKee, Vicente Salas, Logan Chambers, Jesus Vasquez, Jr., Josh Pierson, Branyon Tiner, Oliver Calvo, Hannah Greenemeier, Mike Smith, Federico Aquini
  • 2nd Place - Winners of a free PKC Race Entry with a $125 value.
    R1 - Rocky Moran, John Antonino, Jacob Yesnick, Nick Ramirez, Dustin Salaverria, Jacob Gulick, Emon Fazlollahi
    R2 - Micah Hendricks, Toby Longenecker, Alex Mercado, Parker DeLong, Branyon Tiner, Jonathon Portz, Brenden DeLorto, Christian Brooks, Ricardo Arruda, Robert Switzler
    R3 - Emon Fazlollahi, Luca Bortone, Alex Mercado, Parker DeLong, Caleb Shrader, Carson Morgan, Aiden Kempf, Ryan Norberg, Kelly Heil, Stu Hayner
  • 3rd Place - These drivers won a $50 MSR Credit.
    R1 - Alex Mercado, Ryan Persing, Kyriakos Sioukas, Aiden Kempf, Branyon Tiner, Billy Musgrave, Kyle Loh
    R2 - Royal McKee, Jacopo Pizzinato, Graham Trammell, Wyatt Vidovich, Cole Morgan, Dustin Salaverria, Luis Perez, Ryan Norberg, Ron Jenkins, Jeff Rice
    R3 - Calvin Ming, Toby Longenecker, Graham Trammell, Dane Idelson, Jacob Yesnick, Jonathon Portz, Christopher Martin, Joseph Daniele, Ricardo Arruda, Jon Persing

  • Set of Evinco Tires with an average of $220 value per set.
    R1 - Oliver Calvo, Douglas Creesy, Brett Harrelson, Cody Hodgson, Aiden Kempf, Kyle Loh, Steve Martin, Braydon Perry, Dustin Salaverria, Branyon Tiner
    R2 - Carl Lewis, Billy Musgrave, Douglas Creesy II, Kyriakos Sioukas, Parker DeLong, Tyler Ruth, Kaytlyn Schwartz, John Antonino, Carlos Calderon, Abby Keyes
    R3 - Henry Falls-Hand, Rob Logan, Aiden Kempf, Ricardo Arruda, Mike Smith, Luca Bortone, Nick Short, Toby Longenecker, Kaytlyn Schwartz, Carl Lewis
  • PKC Entry w/Tires valued at $325
    R1 - Ansel Baldovin, Brady Blanquette, Jacopo Pizzinato, Jacob Yesnick
    R2 - Jacob Yesnick, Jim McKinney, Connor Robles, Jenson Altzman
    R3 - Billy Musgrave, Oliver Calvo, Joseph Daniele, Lanie Benjamin
  • Pro Tour Entry w/Tires, $1050 Value
    R1 - Terry Giffen
    R2 - Jesus Vasquez, Jr
    R3 - Logan Chambers

Series Championship prizes

The top 3 champions in all classes will receive prizes as follows.

  • 1st Place Champ - 2020 SNATS Entry w/Tires
  • 2nd Place Champ - (2) 2020 PKC Entries w/Tires
  • 3rd Place Champ -  (1) 2020 PKC Entry w/Tires
That's over $27,000 worth of prizes being awarded to the top 3 finishers in 15 classes.


Our popular awards banquet will be host to $20,000+ in prizes provided by IAME USA West, Evinco/MG and our sponsors.  

Guaranteed SuperNationals Main Event Starting Position

SKUSA will again be including a very lucrative benefit to the Champs heading into the 2019 SuperNationals. In any of the classes that will be opened to 88 entries for this year’s SuperNats (such as Mini Swift, X30 Junior, X30 Senior and X30 Master) the Champ will be rewarded with guaranteed starting positions in the main event on SuperSunday. Should they not make the main following the heat races or the Last Chance Qualifier, they will start at the tail of the grid.

Priority SuperNationals Pre-Entry Program

Again in 2019 is a way for PKC participants to secure an entry for the SuperNationals ahead of their competitors – and before their class fills up! This new bonus is definitely an extra incentive for all drivers to participate in this year’s PKC. Anyone running the PKC this year will have an opportunity to register before the general public. These drivers will be part of SKUSA’s ‘Priority Pre-Entry Program’ – PPEP – which has been designed to provide SKUSA racers with a guaranteed opportunity to attend the event as a participant. 

Additional Prizes

As if the purses and prizes above were not enough, SKUSA is still actively working to assemble additional product and cash prizes from series supporters and sponsors to distribute to racers at the podium presentations of each event. Any companies wishing to become a Superkarts! USA partner, please contact the head office at 951-491-0808 or via email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

The Fine Print: prizes are non-transferable and not redeemable for cash. Winners are responsible for all secondary expenses pertaining to prize(s) won. Winners in Round 6 will receive 2020 PKC Entries. A minimum of (5) drivers per class is required to be eligible for podium prizes. An average of (5) drivers per round is required to be eligible for championship prizes.