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Superkarts! USA Pro Tour Venues Finalized for 2010
Thursday, 11 February 2010 14:33
The calendar is now set for the inaugural Superkarts! USA Pro Tour, the new three-weekend national series that will take the organization and its dedicated competitors to a new level in 2010. Growth has been the key word for SKUSA over the past three years thanks to the addition of new regional programs – and the continuing development of the popular SuperNationals – and the Pro Tour is just the next step in their planned development. SKUSA is now happy to be able to confirm the completion of the 2010 schedule with the announcement that the first annual ‘SummerNationals’ will be held on July 16-18 at the USA International Raceway (USAIR) in Shawano, WI. The organization is also excited to release the first installment of the Pro Tour prize package, which will include guaranteed SuperSunday starting positions on the grid in Las Vegas at the SuperNats in November.

While the Pro Tour opener at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, Calif., on April 16-18 was confirmed in the last two releases of the schedule, the second race on the calendar had been originally tagged as a TBA for the venue. During the planning stages of the program, SKUSA president Tom Kutscher was extremely focused on putting a temporary circuit event together for the second race of the series to eliminate the potential for pre-race testing, but when the preferred venue was deemed logistically inadequate, the availability of the incredible facility in Shawano was a perfect fit. USAIR has not held a major national event since 2008, so their track management is thrilled to be able to once again cater to the top drivers in the nation. Boasting a challenging and undulating track layout and some of the best facilities in the nation, USAIR is expected to attract a large contingent of SKUSA regulars and an exciting influx of local talent. A special Pro Tour layout will be determined before the track opens for the new season and that unique configuration will be not be available for racers at anytime before the event in order to maintain the desired level playing field.

“I would love for the Pro Tour to feature nothing but temporary venues that could mirror the success of our SuperNationals, but as we are kicking off this new program during a time of economic uncertainty, a more conservative approach to venue selection has become required,” Kutscher admitted. “We had our eye on a great venue for a temp circuit, but we just couldn’t make it work logistically. Heading to an amazing track like Shawano is the perfect move at this point, as the facility is considered by most to be one of the finest in the country. I think SKUSA is going to rock the place. I know that we’ll be planning a number of special programs and events so that we make sure that the SummerNationals will be the biggest race that the track has ever seen. And the track layout will be new to everyone for this year, promising more even competition across the board.”

The SKUSA Central States Challenge will also be making its first trip to Shawano in 2010, running an entirely separate configuration, bringing the track firmly into the Superkarts! USA community. With both a Superkarts! USA regional event and a national spectacular as part of their 2K10 calendar, USAIR has definitely returned to the scene. The ‘SpringNationals’ at Infineon will also feature a track layout that will not be run in 2010 prior to this event, again attempting to level the playing field for local vs. out-of-area racers.

The following is the final schedule for this year’s Superkarts! USA Pro Tour:

2010 SKUSA Pro Tour Schedule
April 16-18: SpringNationals - Infineon Raceway - Sonoma, CA
July 16-18: SummerNationals - USA International Raceway - Shawano, WI
Nov. 17-21: SuperNationals - Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino - Las Vegas, NV

With the schedule now set, SKUSA is working diligently to assemble an exciting prize package for the Pro Tour, which will include a cash purse for the Pro classes (S1 and TaG Senior) each weekend, as well as a championship points fund. While SKUSA is not yet ready to release the purse and points fund numbers, the initial unveiling of the prize package is huge. To start the ball rolling with a major reward for strong performances and participation, SKUSA will guarantee starting positions on the SuperSunday grid at the SuperNationals for the top-five drivers in each class coming into the Las Vegas classic. For example, the top-five TaG Senior drivers in the Pro Tour point standings will be on the grid for the main event in Las Vegas regardless of their performances through the heat races. Grid positions 41 through 45 will be held for these drivers who supported the complete SKUSA Pro Tour.

“You can’t put a value on a guaranteed starting position at the SuperNationals, but we want to give back to the drivers who step up to play with SKUSA on the national level,” continued Kutscher. “There will be big money on the line at each event, as well as for the top drivers in the final points, but we want to offer up a huge carrot for our competitors. We’re expecting record numbers at this year’s SuperNationals, and I know how big it would be to have the guaranteed starting position in your back pocket. I can’t wait for the SpringNationals at Infineon in April to get going with this new program!”

The SKUSA Pro Tour begins on the April 16-18 weekend at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, CA. The SpringNationals and SummerNationals events will feature a three-day format with full practice on Friday and complete race days on Saturday and Sunday – with qualifying, heat races and a main. Any companies interested in event or class sponsorship opportunities are asked to contact the SKUSA head office at 951-491-0808.