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Thursday, 12 October 2023 14:16

As SKUSA inches closer to SuperNationals 26 and their return to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, they are pleased to confirm a continuation of the popular
ASPEN ‘Green 4 Green’ initiative, in concert with ASPEN Racing Fuels. The program sees the rewarding of cash to participating drivers of the SuperNationals, with the eligibility as follows:
  1. There will be (3) winners randomly chosen at the ‘Super Sunday’ opening ceremonies. Each winner will receive $2,000 USD in cash.
  2. The winners must be present at the Sunday ceremonies, even if they’re not racing (E.g. if they didn’t make it past the LCQ).
  3. To be eligible for the prize, you must be wearing an ASPEN tee shirt. SKUSA will have a supply of free tee-shirts at the registration desk, but racers are encouraged to bring theirs from home, as supplies will be limited.
“This is amazing,” remarked an enthusiastic SKUSA principal Tom Kutscher. “ASPEN continues to give back to the karting community, time and time again. It’s no secret racing is expensive and every little bit we can return to the drivers excites me. Having a partner like ASPEN who not only has a terrific product, but also a shared enthusiasm for this kind of promotion is a tremendous success.”

ASPEN has more than 30 years of experience providing more than 100 million gallons of top-quality fuel products to the landscaping, forestry, marine, motorsports and construction industries, as well as to first responders and emergency rescue operations. ASPEN has been the official fuel for Superkarts! USA competition and continues to help usher in an era of cleaner motorsports and lead-free, green friendly solutions.

ASPEN has made significant investment in the growth of karting, and has given back over $30,000 in cash over the last two seasons to underscore that commitment.

“In an era where everything is going more sustainable, we feel we’re very ahead of the curve on this,” added Tom Kutscher. “ASPEN Racing Fuels are not only cleaner for the environment, but also undeniably safer for everyone in the sport. Eliminating leaded gasoline and its harmful effects is by far one of the innovations to the series I am most proud of.”

ASPEN Racing Fuel’s Stefan Bergström was also very excited at the continued partnership with SKUSA. “Aspen is very pleased to supply a world class fuel to the absolute elite of karting events. We take great pride in providing fuel for one of the most acclaimed and internationally recognized races — the SuperNationals in Las Vegas.”