SuperNats XXIV


2022 Winter Series


2022 Pro Tour


SKUSA Mexico


PKC California


Texas Sprint Racing




Walk-Ups taken when Reg opens at the track on Monday.  Entrants in Sold-Out classes will be placed on an alternates list.

supernationals 24 December 1-5, 2021
Las Vegas Motor Speedway
7000 Las Vegas Blvd N
Las Vegas, NV 89115
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Clark County Fire Regulations

Event Bulletin

  • 11/25 12:30 PM - Just a quick update on class capacities.  After some last minute cancels, Pro Shifter is the only class currently sold out.  Several classes have only 1 spot left, others have less than 10.  If you are planning on being a walkup, please contact to let us know and we can probably save you a spot. - Once a class is full, you will be placed on an Alternate list, waiting to see if there are any no shows after Reg closes on Tuesday.  If you are entered and plan on arriving after Reg closes on Tues, please send us an email to let us know. Please include the drivers name, class and kart#.
  • 11/23 8:30 AM - If you had to select a Temp number for your KA or X30 SR entry, you have been Re-Assigned a Kart Number.
  • 11/22 9:00 PM - RV Camping Spots with FULL Hookups will be available for reservation at 9am PST Tues morning.  First come, first serve.  They will be priced at $600 for Nov 29-Dec 6 or Monday to Monday.
  • 11/21 7:00 AM - ATTN 2021 Pro Tour Champs - You can run your single digit national number on your front fairing.  Please run your 3 digit national number on the sides and the rear. (Your 3 digit number will be used in Reg, Scoring, Live Timing, Tire/Fuel Desks etc)


SuperNats 24 Pit Passes and Will Call
As part of an overall effort to expedite driver check-in, we have eliminated the use of handwritten "Will Call" lists, although purchasing your tickets via Eventbrite below serves the same purpose. A few things will help us help you.
  •  Walking up to the Registration check-in desk WITH a printed copy OR your phone open to your BAR CODE is the quickest and easiest way to get you into the event. 
  • If you are not sure what the bullet above means, CHECK YOUR EMAIL! You should have received one from Eventbrite with the PDF barcode each time you purchase tickets. That is what we need to see AS YOU APPROACH the check-in area.
  • If you know the name of your MECHANIC or other attendee(s), please include their name(s) on their tickets. Adding their email address(es) will even send a copy directly to them. (NOTE: Mechanic passes are NOT automatically included with a driver’s race entry, nor can they be purchased with the entry through Only thru Eventbrite.)
  • If you don't know the name of your MECHANIC or other attendee(s), that's ok too – but you must send them a copy of their ticket. Even a screenshot of the barcode via text will work!
  • We can usually check someone in manually with a name look-up, but verification could delay their entry thru the gate -- so please make every attempt to provide them with their BAR CODED ticket.

Parents, Guardians and Team Principles

If you need to check in a driver for age or language reasons, you can still purchase a ticket for yourself below ahead of time – or you can purchase it at Driver Registration. Purchasing passes ahead of time below helps expedite check-in and keeps the lines moving faster.


In addition to pre-purchasing your tickets below, we are now offering E-Waivers as a separate process while we evaluate integrated solutions that are compatible with our insurance carrier.  Once you purchase your tickets below, please make sure to complete the E-Waiver HERE. (If you are signing for a minor, please check the appropriate box on that form). This will create a credential with your picture that you can show at the Reg desk IN ADDITION to your Eventbrite ticket. We can look up your Eventbrite ticket so would prefer you present your E-Waiver Credential. Please note: This is a LEGAL DOCUMENT so YOU must be clearly visible in your photo, similar to a passport or driver's license.