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2023 Championship Points Standings

Championship Points System

Points are calculated based on your finishes in the Heats and Main. There are also bonus points for Pole and the fastest lap during the Main. There is 1 race drop for the 2023 Winter Series 4-race season to calculate the final championship points. For more information please see the Points System page.  

NEW FOR 2023: We have revised our rules and there are no longer any 'non-droppable' rounds.

RULES REMINDER: Regardless of the number of laps completed, any driver that does not weigh in with their kart at the scales at the end of each on-track session (after taking the green flag) will be disqualified and will not be eligible for any points for that session.

Pos Name Points
1st Antonio Pizzonia Neto 900
2nd Maxwell Macha 820
3rd Valentino Santillan 754

KA100 SENIOR by Aspen Sport
Pos Name Points
1st Peyton Phillips 850
2nd Collin Lloyd 838
3rd Aiden Levy 785

X30 SENIOR by Speed Concepts
Pos Name Points
1st Joe Turney 890
2nd Ryan Norberg 810
3rd Austin Garrison 795

MINI SWIFT by DNJ Intermodal Services
Pos Name Points
1st Alessandro Truchot 800
2nd Lucas Palacio 796
3rd Michael McGaughy 748

KA100 MASTER by Kart Racing Solutions
Pos Name Points
1st Michel Garrido 810
2nd Luis Schiavo 776
3rd Miguel Mier 725

Pos Name Points
1st AJ Myers 950
2nd Giorgio Carrara 775
3rd Annie Rhule 687

KA100 JUNIOR by MottazSport
Pos Name Points
1st Steven Miller 850
2nd Enzo Vidmontiene 765
3rd Leonardo Escorpioni 719

X30 JUNIOR by Rolison Performance Group
Pos Name Points
1st Ernesto Rivera 930
2nd Steven Miller 820
3rd Enzo Vidmontiene 744

MASTER SHIFTER by Greyhound Racing Seats
Pos Name Points
1st Skitchy Barnes 915
2nd Daniel Dibos 600
3rd Dan Breitenstein 495

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