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2020 Santa Maria Pit Spot Reservations

Pit Spots/Camping/Venue Info


PKC has arranged for overnight parking of trailers, as well as overnight camping on site, starting Thursday, July 9th. 

However, due to strict local Santa Barbara county CDC regulations, along with those mandated statewide, PKC must abide by and enforce the current guidelines regarding NO SPECTATORS, SOCIAL DISTANCING, FACE COVERINGS, AND SANITIZING PROCEDURES that will be required throughout the event. All of this is still subject to change at any time, based on Santa Barbara county guidelines.

With that said, PIT SPOTS and CAMPING/RV SPOTS will be managed to the following parameters:
  • Pit spaces cost $50 per spot regardless of size, and can be pre-purchased online up until July 7th at midnight. (See Pit Map: there are 10’x20’s, 10x30’s and 10’x40’s, depending on location.)
  • Walkup pit spots will be first come-first served, and will also have the same guidelines and cost as above. (Therefore, we recommend pre-purchasing to reserve them, to minimize delays and maximize efficiency when parking on site.)
  • Please limit your pit/camping spots to the smallest area possible, i.e., one pit spot per pit/trailer.
  • Teams with multiple drivers: Same as above, plus 1 max 10’x10’ space per kart/race entry. Please plan accordingly and purchase your spots online when you know the final size of your team.
  • We will leave a minimum of one open pit space as social distancing between each team and/or racer pit.
  • Please indicate your top three map location preferences with these stipulations in mind when purchasing your pit spot(s).
  • if you are camping overnight in your pit spot, the charge is $50 as a flat fee per camping vehicle for up to 3 total nights – in addition to the cost of that spot. Please purchase camping with your pit spots, and add any necessary notes to ease parking on site.
  • Designated RV spots are a $100 flat fee, and will also need to be spaced apart and preferably pre-purchased with 3 location preferences.
  • Call, text or email Stan if you have questions prior to purchasing your spots online: cell 317-841-1367, email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Otherwise, we will contact you to confirm your reservations and add you to the map.
AIRPORT PROPERTY RULES: Motorized vehicles -- scooters, mini-bikes, golf karts, etc -- are NOT allowed at any time during this event, per airport rules (other than PKC staff vehicles and those with official handicapped placards). Bicycles will only be allowed for engine builders with an event-specific PKC pass. See Patti in Registration. Pets will be allowed, but must be kept inside trailers & RVs or on a leash in their own pit area only. Pets are not allowed on restricted airport property and access roads. All vehicles, trailers and campers must be outside the main gates by Sunday night at 8pm.

SMKA Policies and Procedures for Track Facilities Use

  1. No alcohol is allowed anywhere on the facilities during the Event. After track is closed for the day, State law rules regarding alcohol use apply. Illegal drugs are prohibited at all times.
  2. No Karts are allowed on the track before 7:30 am or after 7:00 pm.
  3. All rules and safety regulations of the bodies sanctioning the Event must be followed.
  4. All safety equipment must be used during practice and races.
  5. Courteous and professional conduct is required at all times. Fighting and abusive behavior will result in immediate disqualification and removal from the facilities. The Promoter is responsible for the conduct of all his employees, contractors, competitors, pit crews, spectators and other participants in the Event.
  6. Driving in the Pit Area is prohibited. Karts must be pushed to and from the Pit Area. The engine may be started at the Grid. The engine must be stopped at the Stop Sign and the kart pushed to the pit spot.
  7. All entrants must have a drip pan. No dumping of oil, fuel, fluids or any other substance allowed.
  8. Everyone in the Pit Area must have a pit pass (i.e., event-specific wristband).
  9. All trash must picked up and placed in the provided trash containers prior to the Exit Time.
  10. All tires, fuel, empty fuel cans, kart equipment and parts must be removed from the facilities prior to the Exit Time.
  11. No scooters, skateboards, bicycles or the like are allowed at the facility. (See the only exceptions above.)
  12. Dogs must be on leash at all times during event.

Violation of the above rules could mean confiscation of your vehicle and/or expulsion from the event.

2020 Santa Maria Pit Map

Updated: 7/8/2020

$50 Pit Spot $50 Camping $100 RV Camping