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TaG: Motori Weight Increase
Tuesday, 30 January 2007 17:00
For 2007, TaG USA changed the rules for Motori to allow a smaller combustion chamber volume (CCV). This is a performance enhancing modification and thus, the TaG USA weights for Motori were increased by 10lbs. ProKart Challenge is adopting the same Motori weight increase beginning with the February 3rd event and will continue to monitor the Motoris, as well as other brands, to determine if additional adjustments are necessary to maintain parity.
  • Class 'A' Engines (Senior 390lbs, Master 430lbs)
    • Comer
    • Sonic VX125
    • Sonic TX125
    • Biland
    • Italsiste
  • Class 'B' Engines (Senior 360lbs, Master 400lbs)
    • PRD Fireball
    • Rotax
    • BM Jaguar
    • Leopard
    • EasyKart
    • Vortex ROK
    • Motori 7 (Senior 370lbs, Master 410lbs)