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2020 Buttonwillow Pit Spot Reservations

Overnight Parking and Camping

PKC has arranged for overnight parking of trailers, as well as overnight camping on site, starting FRIDAY morning at 9 AM. Each pit spot is $35 (whether reserved or unreserved); if you are camping overnight, the spot is $50 as a flat fee for up to 3 total nights – in addition to the cost of the pit space taken up by the camping vehicle. Be sure to purchase the total number of pit and/or camping spots you need, and then list your top 3 choices for each location pit or camping spot. We will contact you to confirm your reservations and add you to the online pit map.

Reserved and Unreserved Pit Spaces - all cost the same!

An unreserved pit space is not included with your race entry. However, there will be a cost to pit or camp at this event no matter what – so we highly encourage all attendees to reserve their pit/camping spots ahead of time. The location of unreserved spaces is determined on a first arrive, first serve basis with no ability to choose a location or pit neighbor. As a result, you could arrive at "dark-30″ on Saturday morning for practice and still be a football field from the pre-grid. Choose the space you want now and that space will be available whenever you arrive. There is labor required to manage pit space reservations as well as pit everyone upon arrival, so a cost is involved. However, you will hopefully view the nominal $35/pit space charge and additional $50/camping spot as well worth it.

2020 Sept Buttonwillow Pit Map

Updated: 9/24/2020
$35 Pit Spot $50 Camping